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Manages all social media channels, campaigns, and team members to sustain an engaging audience experience and to increase audience satisfaction. Researches and analyses social media trends, including social media ad revenue and web visitor data, to improve social media presence and campaign efficacy.


  • Manages company social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other relevant platforms

  • Engages in social media presence creation on new and emerging social media platforms

  • Creates dynamic written, graphic, and video content

  • Optimizes content following search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC)

  • Creates content that promotes audience interaction, increases audience presence on company sites, and encourages audience participation

  • Assists social media management with large projects, events, and community management

  • Works as part of a team to develop large social media campaigns

  • Analyses and reports audience information and demographics, and success of existing social media projects

  • Proposes new ideas and concepts for social media content

  • Works with marketing and social media team members to coordinate ad campaigns with social media strategy

  • e-newsletters to subscribers

  • Manages social media pages & communications

  • Uses timelines and scheduled content to create a consistent stream of new content for audience interaction while analyzing, managing, and altering schedules where necessary to optimize visits

  • Proven success in link building and viral strategies

  • The ability to deploy an effective local and long-tail search strategy

  • A deep understanding of mobile strategy and how it relates to SEO

  • A solid grasp of how blogging, press releases, social media, and related strategies go hand-in-hand with SEO

  • A background in creating reports showing web analytics data and site evaluations

  • An up-to-date, working knowledge of current, past, and projected trends in the SEO industry

  • Familiarity with the best tools in the trade


  • SEO/Content Marketing experience and/or understanding required

  • Must have strong analytics

  • Excel knowledge

  • Strong verbal communication

  • Strong written communication skills, must be able to convey the message accurately the first time

  • Must have superior organizational and time awareness skills

  • Works well independently and as part of a team

  • Self-starter must be able to set and meet deadlines

  • Problem solver who thinks out of the box

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